Best Pop Singers in the World

The world has been genuinely honored to have seen such a significant number of the awesome pop stars who have entranced groups of onlookers over the globe.

Paul McCartney

Here are top 10 biggest pop stars ever:

Michael Jackson:

The King of Pop must be there at the top of the list. ‘Guinness World Records‘ calls Michael Jackson the best ever. Turning into a star was his fate, and he ended up plainly one at a significantly youthful age. “Moonwalk” and “robot” would always be his enduring heritage. Despite the fact that slowed him down during the later phases of his profession on account of his own issues, his was one jewel of a vocation. He will dependably be associated with his music.


Having sold approximately 300 million records, Madonna is the smash hit female recording artist ever. Fans and critics both shower their adoration and thankfulness for the ‘Like a Virgin’ Material Girl. She is at the highest point of her diversion today and is engaging millions by singing, playing guitar and drums.

Elton John:

That he has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II talks a great deal about Elton John. He would dependably locate a prime spot in the rundown of most noteworthy pop stars ever.

Mariah Carey:

Favored with a five-octave run voice, beautiful Mariah Carey has sold around 200 million records. Through her collection ‘Mariah Carey’ she began her melodic trip and afterward never thought back.

Elvis Presley:

The King of Rock “n” Roll Elvis Presley is the top of the line solo artist. ‘Awfulness Hotel’ made him an overnight sensation and melodies like ‘Don’t Be Cruel’, ‘All Shook Up’ just added to his enormous notoriety. He will dependably be recognized as a standout amongst other pop stars ever.

The Beatles:

The Beatles are class separated and they are in their very own league. With an amazing 27 No. 1 hit melodies to their credit, they remain the best band ever.

Ray Charles:

Beam Charles is legitimately at No. 2 in the best of the best artist ever, as per ‘Moving Stone Magazine’. His splendid music ensured that he will dependably be recognized as the best pop star ever.

Paul McCartney:

Well, known music has never observed a superior performer and writer than Paul McCartney. Shake, pop, established, he has done everything and his melodies and structures have sold a huge number of records. He is one valuable diamond of the pop music.

Frank Sinatra:

‘My Way’ and ‘Come Fly With Me’ ensured that Frank Sinatra possesses a prime spot in the rundown of most prominent pop stars ever. He stayed in the top form generally of his profession.